LS6604 White Shoe Project!

This shoe is made of a suede-like fabric, and you can use fabric paints to decorate or color the shoes! Use our "So Soft" Acrylic paints!

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So-Soft Fabric Paints - by DecoArt! 1-ounce squeeze bottles. Please specify color and item number. Buy 12 and save!

DSS02. Antique Gold

DSS03. Cadmium Yellow

DSS04. Cadmium Orange

DSS05. Calico Red

DSS06. Burgundy Wine

DSS07. Peaches & Cream

DSS08. Raspberry Pink

DSS10. Mauve

DSS11. Orchid

DSS12. Lavender

DSS13. True Blue

DSS14. Victorian Blue

DSS15. Williamsburg Blue

DSS16. Baby Blue

DSS17. Turquoise

DSS18. Aqua

DSS19. Avocado

DSS20. Bright Green

DSS22. Terra Cotta

DSS23. Dark Chocolate

DSS24. Black

DSS25. Christmas Red

DSS26. Christmas Green

DSS27. Ultra Deep Blue

DSS28. Grey Sky

DSS29. Cranberry Wine

DSS30. Burnt Orange

DSS31. Dark Teal

DSS32. Dioxazine Purple

DSS33. Taupe

DSS34. Red Iron Oxide

DSS35. Flesh Tan

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