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Old Cathay Playing Cards inspired by various elements of Chinašs Imperial Palace of the past dynasties from old master paintings to photographs to media.

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Retail $5.00/deck

Sold by the deck; there are break prices when buying 36 or 144 decks. Standard playing card size 3-3/8" x 2-1/4"; 52 pcs plus Jokers.

12-0220 Imperial Palace Oil Paintings

Adopted in this series of playing cards are 54 representative paintings of National Treasures with unmatched preciousness and elegance.

12-0221 Imperial Palace Old Photos

This series of playing cards are based on 54 old photos of different times housed in the Imperial Palace, with which one may learn about the ups and downs that China experienced from the late 19th Century through the early 20th Century.

12-0222 Life Portraits of Royal Family

All of these pictures are selected from secret- hidden paintings of Qing Dynasty. Including not only 12 emperors and empresses Formal Portraits in Court Dress, but also their various elegant demeanors in daily life.

12-0223 Calendar Girls

Old Calendar Pictures appeared as early as the year 1896 during the Qing Dynasty. Their immense popularity stemmed from their aesthetic value of adding beauty to a home combined with the practical value of calendars and the business value of advertisements.

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