Straw Cowboy Hat Project!

Here's a great idea for making a Straw Cowboy Hat, using our Straw Farmer Hat!

All you need:

Any of our below Straw Farmer Hats:

Item Number Diameter Head Circumference Retail Price
LS5108 3" 4-3/4" $1.50/each
LS5114 4" 7-3/4" $2.15/each
LS5115 7-1/8" 11-3/4" $2.95/each
LS5116 8" 15-3/4" $3.95/each

We dampened the top of the Farmer Hat with warm water. You will find the straw becomes soft.

Dent in the top to make the crease that Cowboy Hats have. Set aside to dry.

When the hat is dry, the starch will retain the crease/shape of the new Cowboy Hat! With our 4 sizes of Farmer Hats, you can make new Straw Cowboy Hats for any of your dolls!

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