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Lalique Matte Finish Tags! Frosted semi-transparent Acrylic (Plastic)!

5 shapes, 2 sizes (each shape), and 11 different color choices!

Sold by individual package and bulk (1000 pcs). "Small" sizes have 120 pieces per package. "Large" sizes have 60 pieces per package.

Suggested Retail Prices: $1.60/pkg; $12.00/M (Small sizes); $24.00/M (Large Sizes)


07-820-XX 07-821-XX 07-822-XX 07-823-XX 07-824-XX 07-825-XX 07-826-XX 07-827-XX 07-828-xx 07-829-xx
Sm. Star, 15mm Lg. Star, 22mm Sm. Circle, 15mm Lg. Circle, 22mm Sm. Heart, 15mm Lg. Heart, 22mm Sm. Oval, 12x18 Lg. Oval, 19x25mm Sm. Rectangle, 11x17mm Lg. Rectangle, 16x22mm
120 pcs/pkg 60 pcs/pkg 120 pcs/pkg 60 pcs/pkg 120 pcs/pkg 60 pcs/pkg 120 pcs/pkg 60 pcs/pkg 120 pcs/pkg 60 pcs/pkg

"XX" refers to color. Please specify color when ordering. There are 10 individual colors and Multimix! Examples:

07-820-02: Small Star, color Lt. Brown

07-828-08: Small Rectangle, color Green



Note: We welcome images of your projects, ideas, and recipes with Lalique! We will include your contact information and website link. Please email us to participate!

Note: These tags work great with our Tin Types! Go to Tin Types Page: NEW | CLASSIC

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