La Sioux Accessories for Dolls and Plush Animals: Index

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   doll wigs, doll eyes, eye sizers, doll eyelashes, doll glasses, doll-making supplies,
Kidoline bodies, animal eyes,
bendable skeletons for dolls and animals,
feathers, doll purses, jewelry, and backpacks, doll hats, doll shoes,
doll hosiery & underwear, doll stands, parasols & umbrellas, plush animals,
doll hangers, baby accessories, lace, trims, & buttons and much more!


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Note: Minimum wholesale order is $100.00 for the first order and $50.00 for reorders. For complete details and prices on all of our doll & bear supplies & accessories, please request our complete catalog with pricelist. This is free with a photocopy of your resale license/Tax ID. Please fax or mail your business information to:

La Sioux
Stanislaus Imports, Inc.
1415 Van Dyke Avenue
San Francisco, CA  94124-3232
Fax: (00) (1) (415) 431-4365
Tel: (00) (1) (415) 431-7122

We will gladly send (by first class mail) our distributor information. Many of our Distributors will gladly handle mail-order requests. Please email your name and mailing address to:

La Sioux

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