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This is our collection of New Shoes that are not shown in our catalog or New Additions Supplement.

Please click on the item number or description, to see pictures and information!

LS530xx Series Outdoor Suede Boot
LS53154 Panda Bear Slippers
LS53254 Flower Sandals
LS534xx Series Denim Sports Shoes
LS5347x Series Tennis Shoes
LS53553 Teddy Bear Slippers
LS537xx Series Play Shoe
LS53857 Braided Suede Sandal
LS539xx Series Today's Loafer
LS54253 Adventure Boot
LS544xx Trendy Boots
LS545xx Daisy Sandal
LS546xx Comfy Casual
LS54755 Cool Shoe
LS54859 Sweetheart Sandal
LS54953 Hot Shoe
LS5505x On The Go Shoe

Fab Sandal

LS5525x Glitz Sandal
LS5535x Scuffs
LS554xx Series Beaded Party Shoe
LS55651 Sport Shoe
LS55753 Cowboy Boot
LS55856 Spa Sandal
LS55953 Suede Moccasin
LS5605x Fuzzy Boots
LS56153 City Boot
LS56251 High Fashion Boot
LS56358 Leather-Look Sneakers
LS56458 Heart's Delight
LS565xx Series Bedroom Slippers
LS56654 Fur-lined Ice Skate
LS56754 Flower Print Tennis Shoes
LS56857 Just Ducky Slipper
LS56957 Golden Lab Slippers
LS57056 Elephant Slippers
LS57159 Leopard Print Shoe
LS57254 Cowgirl Accent Boot
LS57453 Jellies (New Colors)

LS580xx Series

Walk a Lot Shoes
LS6561 & LS6564 Vintage High Heels
LS6601 & LS6604 Slip-On Shoe
LS6721 Wendy Shoe
LS68xx Series High Heel Pumps
LS77xx Series Sandals
LS8414 Dollies Favorite White Shoe

Note: We also have fantastic projects for LS6604 and LS8414!

Check these pages periodically for other New Items! You may always Email us if you have questions!

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