Our Special La Sioux Sale Pages!

In order to continually add and develop new accessories and supplies for your Dolls, we need to have space in our warehouse! So we will periodically offer promotions and sales to keep our space at proper efficiency.

Sales are priced low, so that you can save money and even pass savings on to your customers! A customer purchasing items on sale will also purchase standard (ie, non-sale) items to complete their order.

To protect our Distributors and Dealers, we do not publish sales prices on our website. Please contact us (phone, fax, email) for your applicable sales price. Sales prices are established so that Dealers can purchase from us or from a Distributor.

All sales are final - these are first come, first serve items, so don't be left behind!

This section will be changed periodically, so please bookmark and return to this section to find more money-saving opportunities!

Note: Please remember that we sell WHOLESALE only. In order to be able to do business with you, we need a copy of your Tax ID (Resale License) on file. Consumers may purchase from Distributors - please email us (dist@lasioux.com) for our Distributor List. Most Distributors are willing to do mail-order sales, and actively participate with our sales. Thank you for your understanding.

Current Sales:

Doll Clothing Sale

Hat Sale

Wig Sale / Wig Projects

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