Accessories for Scrapbooking & Altered Books

New Tiny Buttons!

4 & 6mm Buttons - both now available in 9 colors!


Note: Click on the picture to see enlargements!

You may order these by package (16 pcs), or in bulk Gross (144 pcs) or Super Bulk (1440 pcs). When ordering, please specify quantity and item number (as below).

Pkg SRP: $0.80/pkg Gross SRP: $3.60/Gross Super Bulk SRP: $28.80/Super Bulk



Size White Pink Blue Yellow Cream Black Brown Red Navy Blue   Multicolor
4mm LS4641 LS4642 LS4643 LS4644 LS4645 LS4646 LS4647 LS4648 LS4649   LS4640
6mm LS4661 LS4662 LS4663 LS4664 LS4665 LS4666 LS4667 LS4668 LS4669   LS4660

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