Accessories for Scrapbooking & Altered Books

Metallic Glitter, Sequins, & Leafing

Add sparkle and texture to your projects!

Note: Wholesale Only. Please contact us for prices.



Jewel "Dot" Glitter

GL118 - Multi

Tiny mylar circles!

Available in the below put-ups:

1-oz Shaker Jar

16-oz Shaker Jar

1-pound Bulk

5-pound Bulk

German Composition Gold Leaf Flakes! Lighter than Feathers!

These flakes are so light yet plentiful, that you only need to use a small amount for your projects! The picture shows 2 GRAMS, packed in a 4" round container!

GL814G: 2-grams in 4" round container (as photographed!)

GL814G-BL: 2-ounce bulk bag

GL814G-DZ: Dozen containers

Also Available but not pictured:

German Composition Silver Leaf Flakes! Lighter than Feathers!

The Silver flakes are even lighter than the Gold!

GL815S: 1-gram in 4" round container

GL815S-BL: 2-ounce bulk bag

GL815S-DZ: Dozen containers


Metallic Sequins & Spangles Assortment

Deluxe Mix of colors, shapes, and sizes!

12-1505: 3.4-oz value pack

12-1506: 16-oz value pack

12-1507: 6-oz tub

12-1508: 11-oz shaker

12-1509: 40-pound carton

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