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Here's a wide range of novelty items to better enhance any scrapbook!

Note: Wholesale Only. Please contact us for price.

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Miniature Glass Bottles! 5 styles available!

Available in package (4 pcs/pkg) and Bulk (Dozen, Gross, Thousand)

From Left to Right:

12-814: 22 x 24mm (cork stopper)

12-813: 16 x 30mm (cork stopper)

12-811: 12 x 22mm (cork stopper)

12-810: 12 x 22mm (plastic stopper w/ hole)

12-812: 12 x 45mm (cork stopper)


Note: Measurement Translation:

25mm = 1 inch

Old Glass Magnifiers!

Vintage magnifiers are round and are sold assorted. Size range from 1" - 1.5"! These rare magnifiers are limited in availability because of their age!

These are so inexpensive that we sell them only in bulk: Dozen and Gross!

12-204: Clear Magnifiers (no trim)

12-205: Clear Magnifiers with Gold Trim

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