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Tiny Pendants!

Note: You may order these by small package or bulk Dozen (12 pcs). Minimum for packages is 6 packages per item number. Thank you for your interest!

Heart of Hearts, 3/8"

JF196G: 4 pcs/pkg

JF196G-DZ: 12 pcs/bag

Small Heart, 5/16"

JF197G: 2 pcs/pkg

JF197G-DZ: 12 pcs/bag

Large Heart, 3/8"

JF198G: 2 pcs/pkg

JF198G-DZ: 12 pcs/bag

Flower with Stone, 3/8"

JF200G: 2 pcs/pkg

JF200G-DZ: 12 pcs/bag

Leaf with Stone, 7/16"

JF201G: 2 pcs/pkg

JF201G-DZ: 12 pcs/bag

Note: We also sell jewelry charms!

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