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Watch Dials and Watch Parts!

Let your customers enhance their scrapbooks & altered books with these genuine watch parts! How else to emphasize the passage of time? These are also fabulous for cards & stamping! We have genuine watch dials and innards - as well as extremely rare dials for those super-special projects!

Note: Wholesale Only. Please contact us for price.

Below are our basic assortments of watch dials and watch innards. Click here for our LIMITED EDITION special watch faces!

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07-193. Watch Dials (First Quality)

Assorted sizes, styles, and shapes. Loosely assorted, some may have slight blemishes or scratches. Some faces may lack stones or bars.

Sold by Dozen, gross (144), bulk 500, and super bulk 1000!


07-194. Watch Dials (Second Quality)

These are "old" faces with a vintage appearance! This style includes scratched faces, blanks, rejects, and dials from the secondary stages of silk-screening, etc. These can be mixed with regular faces in scrapbooks, jewelry kits, or altered art projects. Watch faces are brass or steel.

These are so inexpensive that we sell them only in bulk bags!

07-194-C: 100 pieces/bag

07-194-M: 1000 pieces/bag


07-250 Watch Innards

Springs, Screws, Cletches, Spokes, Bezels, and More!

Packed in 1-3/8" clear container (approx. 0.1-oz weight - 90 pcs).

Sold by cup or Dozen cups. Also available by bulk pound!


Watch Face: Compass Design

Glows in Dark!

Available in Package (2 pcs/pkg), Dozen, or Bulk (100 pcs)

07-199L Large (1-1/4" Diameter)

07-199S Small (1" Diameter)

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