Jonnie's Fun Wig Project!

From Our September/October 2004 Newsletter!

Starting Wig:


LS22 Laurel Wig

Several years ago, one of our local doll artists was using one of our wigs on her original dolls, but I didnšt recognize the style.

When I asked, she told me, "Oh - I brushed it out and turned it upside down." I've done this a few times with different wigs and it has worked well.

Now, I will share my success with our LS22 Laurel Wig.

Resulting Wig:


LS22 Laurel Wig!

Step 1: Brush out the long curls and then attach the wig to head, upside down. Pull all the long hair into a pony tail at the top of the head toward the back.

I let the hair wave a bit to the side instead of pulling straight back. This covers the elastic of the wig cap better & gives a softer look to the face.

Step 2: Get out the scissors and start to trim off the extra curls and fluff from the pony tail of curls.

Some of you may want all this hair, but I was imagining a dance hall girl while trimming this. Because the wig had curls, the hair made a wonderful mound of curls. I accented it with a ribbon.

Step 3: Take the small curls that are now at the nape of the neck and pull them out a little.

Step 4: Place your order while these are on sale and you can afford to play! See Our Wig Sale for Laurel Wigs!

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